Bioinformatics Core Facility BMC

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The Core Facility Bioinformatics provides computational data analysis support to BMC-associated as well as external research groups. We have long-standing experience in a wide area of bioinformatics including functional genomics, proteomics, image analysis and biostatistics. 

Our support levels in brief:

  • Consultation
    We advise research groups in experimental design and data analysis strategies.
  • Collaboration
    Facility provides bioinformatic support to another research group.
  • Research network integration
    The Facility serves all members within a research network.
  • Scientist embedding
    A research projects with heavy bioinformatic needs assigns a member to the facility. The embedded researcher will be conducting the analyses under supervision.
  • Training
    a)The facility offers biostatistics courses to institutes, networks, PhD programmes.
    b) Provided there is free space we are happy to host students/postdocs/PIs for individual short-term training and small bioinformatic projects.
  • We provide access to a high performance computational cluster (HPC).