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About Us

The facility is currently run by scientists that were all trained at the bench. This is of particular importance for the interaction with wet-lab scientist: we actually speak the same language and usually have no problems in understanding your experiments and questions. In addition, when it comes to explorative data analyses, we can help directing the analyses towards interesting biological questions. The facilitated communication usually positively impacts on turnaround times.

We consider all kinds of interpretable quantitative data no matter which technology has been used to create it as the core of our work are statistical procedures. Nonetheless, most of our projects within the last five years were centered on functional genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. We also have experience in quantitative imaging (feature extraction and quantification, FRAP). Among the model organisms that we frequently analyze for 'omics' approaches are human, mouse, clawed frog, fission and budding yeast  as well as fruit flies. 

As one of our main missions is to increase reproducibility of basic research we are always motivated to advise researchers in experimental design and choice of appropriate statistical procedures for any kind of projects and questions.